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WordPress Templates Updated

October 29, 2012 by Ilia Zhezlov Comments Off on WordPress Templates Updated

Dear users,

Waiting for the new WordPress 3.5, we have done a great job in improving our existing WordPress templates.

This time we didn’t limit ourselves to cosmetical changes in the interface and rather focused hard on discarding obsolete functions and fixing various security and template code issues:

* In many templates foreach($posts as $post) was replaced with while (have_post()) : the_post();

* Displaying the Search field through through get_search_query() allowed to eliminate a potential XSS vulnerability;

* Many obsolete functions were replaced with newer ones;

* The search form style was fixed in several templates;

* A CSS-rule for limiting the image size by the feed column width was added for all templates.

* eregi was replaced with preg_match in the contact forms.

Please mind that you should now set up the sizes of the post’s attached images in the WordPress administration panel.

You can view the detaled documentation here:

You can download our new improved themes here:


The Improved WordPress Themes

May 10, 2012 by Ilia Zhezlov Comments Off on The Improved WordPress Themes

Good news, everyone! We’ve worked really hard and brought you some great changes in our WordPress themes. Now using them will be even more fun!

So, what has been changed?

1. Added compatibility with WordPress 3.3.2.

2. Fixed layout and theme issues.

3. Increased stability of the embedded code in some of the theme templates.

4. Added wp_footer() code in some of the themes.

5. Links to third-party websites removed from the theme footers: now you can be sure you don’t link to or mention an untrusted or undesired resource.

You can download our new improved themes here:

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