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WP FollowMe is a wordpress plugin that allows you to add a twitter “Follow me” badge on your wordpress blog.

Get what version you like more :

Update v2.0.4 :

  • 404 not found error for css file fixed
  • minor bugs fixed

Update v2.0.3 :

  • The badge is completly in flash.
  • The text is displayed sideways.
  • Added border color option.
  • “I love it ” icon and question mark removed

Update v2.0 :

  • Choose from 16 twitter icons or use your own.
  • Edit the icon background color.
  • Edit the “Follow Me” text.
  • Change text color.
  • Change font size.
  • Change font family.

If you found a bug or if you have a twitter icon that you want to share with all other users of this plugin let me know on comments section.

What you need to use this plugin :

  • a wordpress powered website (blog)
  • a twitter.com account (obviously)

How to use it :

  • Download it ( from wordpress plugins directory)
  • Extract all files from the zip archive
  • Copy the wp-followme folder to wp-content/plugins
  • Activate the plugin through the “Plugins” menu in wordpress
  • Add your Twitter URL on “Your Twitter URL” text field and configure the other options as desire
  • That’s it !

Demo :

This website is a good demo to see how the FollowMe badge will look on your website.

Screenshots :

FollowMe badge

FollowMe badge

Download WP FollowMe v2.0.4


328 Responses to “WP FollowMe plugin”

  1. Jessie says:

    The new version introduced this ugly bug in which the follow me button tries to load a css file from /wp-content/plugins/wp-followme/followme-style.css?ver=abc which doesn’t exist and also that ver=abc is really strange. I can confirm the issue on your blog also. Can you please fix that it is really annoying and bloating the stats with 404 pages.

  2. Algor Angel says:

    I’m having problems with the text: it isn’t show entirely… can you check it out? I’ve left my blog work-in-progress url to show you this issue.

  3. Shawn says:

    Nice plugin.

    I do notice that since the update, there’s a 404 error showing in my stats. It’s looking for: ‘followme-style.css?ver=634’, but it’s not found.

    I’m seeing tons of 404 errors now in my stats on every page load.

  4. Horse says:

    Doesn’t work in Chrome when viewing my site.

    Works in Chrome when viewing your site (are you using the latest version? 😛 )

    How can I get an older version so it remains compatible with all browsers?

  5. chris says:

    This last update is no good.
    I am having the same problem as everybody else just an box appearing

  6. Tim says:

    Hey mate, mind making similar add on, to facebook fan page? Thanks!

  7. curtis says:

    It causes a error on page when it is enabled. Is there any way to fix it?

  8. Abhishek says:

    It doesn’t work for me..

  9. LeviathanC says:

    The problem is…whatever you put the field of “Follow Message” on the option is too long, then some of the message will be cut off and will not show the whole message at all. Please fix it while you are at it. Thanks!

  10. Awais says:

    when i update it to latest one its stop working for me 🙁 what happens although it was working so fine for me :$

  11. E-WA says:

    Used with WPtouch iPhone theme plugin set to exclusive mode, I could let it not to show anything when accessed with iPhone (i.e. badge applied only when viewed with PC or Mac), until version 0.1.4.

    2.0 and later, with the same setting as the above, shows Get Adobe Flash banner in the bottom of each page when accessed with iPhone, which is very annoying. Could you make it to suppress that?

  12. JoP says:

    I really dont like the “Update v2.0” … is v2.0.3 more the old one? The original was simply the best!

  13. admin says:

    I’ve updated my post with the versions of this plugin and some details about each.Use witch one you like more.
    I’ll think on the next version to make something to choose from flash version/text version and images version.

    PS:When you want to report a blu or a problem with this plugin please include all details (wordpress version, browser, what os do you use etc).

  14. JR says:

    Hmmm, now it doesn’t work at all after updating to 2.0.3…


    • admin says:

      @jr, how can I help if you don’t give me more details ? What wordpress version, what browser, what errors appear ?
      LE : I’ve just visited your blog and the plugin is working fine.

  15. Stalin says:

    Is their anyway to use this on Blogspot?

  16. LeviathanC says:

    Admin –

    The plugin is working fine but the message should show the whole message “Follow My Twitter Side” but it didn’t show the whole message. All I see is “Follow My Tw” on Firefox, IE6/7/8 and Safari.

  17. LeviathanC says:

    I have an idea for you to implement the code. Why not add the option to randomize the icon every time whenever the website load?

  18. admin says:

    @LeviathanC, atm any message longer than 10-12 characters will be cutted out by the flash because the badge have a fixed height.Isn’t a message like “My twitter” enough ?
    As for the random icon, I don’t think is a must have option, but will think more on that as is not hard to implement.
    @Stalin, there is no way to add this on blogspot.Maybe in future.

  19. iDREIA_Dave says:


    For those of you that, as I was, were only seeing a blue field with no icon nor text.

    You need to make sure that your htaccess is set to allow swf files to be accessed from the web. Once I changed my htaccess to allow swf access, everything worked perfectly.

    In future versions is might be worth a test when this is installed to alert folks to changes they may need to make.

    Thanks for the work on this plugin! I still love it.

  20. LeviathanC says:


    I don’t like the bored message such as “My Twitter” and I like my own message, period.

    What if people want different Font Style with Bold, Italicize, Underline?

    Remember it’s not all about YOU but it’s all about what people want to custom their own twitter into better one.

  21. mll says:

    Love the latest newest design! The plugin looks great now!

  22. jonas says:

    i love this plug-in. its so cool and very useful. thanks a lot for this. more power!

  23. I was hoping for a non-flash design for my mobile phone visitors. Oh well, I’ll stick to the original version…

  24. Michael says:


    I can’t seem to get the plugin to work on my site. The box is there with the Flash logo, which when I hover over it, tells me to install Flash. I’ve just updated to the latest version of Flash but it’s still not working.

    The blue box only contains the plugin name and address to get it from.

    In the plugin config page, the icons also don’t show, even though the url is correct.

    WordPress Version 2.8.6
    FollowMe Version 2.0.4
    Firefox 3.5.5

    Any ideas please?

  25. HG says:

    Please configure the plugin to allow the blog owner to choose either flash or non-flash. Some blog owners do not want to use flash at all.

  26. Spel says:

    Hi – I am interested is it possible to tweak plug-in and to allow another one copy of if to work on same Blog – normally with little different position of badge

  27. Hi, the new update hasn’t fixed the invisibility problem so I’ve reverted to 2.0.2. I look forward to the fixed version and I will still recommend it to other blog users but with a footnote.

  28. zamaan says:


    I should say today updates of your floating banner addon rocks. now i can have fun with changing the twitter bird logo each day to a diffrent one. cheers!


  29. _student4ever says:

    Ok, love the concept of this plug-in, but for sure there are challenges. The Flash 2.0.4 version has been temperamental in IE and not displaying consistently. It also requires two clicks 1) to activate the control and a second to click the link. 80% browser market share and it’s an issue for me. Combine that with Flash not being available for some mobile browsers and I can’t do that…

    The initial 0.1.3 version seems solid in how it functions on every PC browser I’ve thrown at it. One click gets to my profile. It also at least hides itself from mobile IE with a mobile theme, so no harm, no foul versus getting a “Get Flash” link.

    Think it’s a great concept and plug-in that I will use and tell people about, but maybe two versions needed? One based on Flash and then similar enhancements for the initial version?

    Keep up the great work!

  30. jp says:

    i like the badge, i think having a second badge option for facebook with in the plugin would be nice. maye be one on top the other or one one the right and the other on the left.

  31. amassine says:

    Nice job thank you

  32. Thank’s for plugins… very nice the plugins

  33. ROCA says:

    I love this cool badge, so i want to add one to my site without wordpress.
    please provide javascript set for non-wordpress version.

  34. Mateias says:

    this plugin look very very nice, we need it for joomla too ! if is already done paste ma a link ! thx

  35. Richard Wing says:

    I thank you for the plugin.

    I also agree with JP’s suggestion which is the other reason I came to your site besides thanking you…

    JP wrote….

    i like the badge, i think having a second badge option for facebook with in the plugin would be nice. maye be one on top the other or one one the right and the other on the left.

    — End Quote —

    I agree

    Richard Wing

  36. Ben Lang says:

    cool plugin going to start using it!

  37. I have a icon. Id be happy to share 😀

  38. mos says:

    first Thanks for your great job.

    I see a lot off comment with a lot off suggestion. any way you cannot make everybody happy.

    anyway its an open source, if somebody want some change in color he cando it it self.

    again good job

  39. Tim says:

    Admin, did you read my previous comments? please do reply. And make this plugin work for facebook fan page too please.

  40. admin says:

    @mos, you’re right.Thanks for nice words.
    @Tim, you can change the icon, you can change the message, you can change the link.Just add the facebook link instead of the twitter link.

  41. Amorous Eyes says:

    Updated to 2.0.4 and it’s completely blank. Just blue.
    Deleted and reinstalled. Same thing. No matter which setting I change it remains blank. >.> Any idea?

    It works in IE, just not in Chrome.

  42. steve says:

    hi, i like this widget…but where do i find it on wordpress ? i’d like to change colors ?

  43. Amorous Eyes says:

    ^ addition:
    which is odd because it works on THIS site.. Just not on mine..

  44. Budhi says:

    I already setup by why the badge can not be appeared in my blog? Need your help.

  45. admin says:

    @Amorous Eyes, on some themes this plugin don’t work on google chrome.I’ll try to fix this on next update.
    @Steve, the plugin settings page is under Settings->WP FollowMe (or Settings->FollowMe Settings, depends what version do you use)
    @Budhi, I see the plugin working on your blog.

  46. Jamie Dolan says:

    Thanks for the nice plug-in. I installed 2.0.4 on my WP blog with the atahualpa theme loaded. The plug-in works everwhere but the main page for me when in Firefox, but isn’t loading at all in I.E.

    Even in Firefox, it will display here:
    but not here:

    I suspect it may be related to the theme, I am going to do some testing and will see if I get different results with a different theme.

    Thanks very much.
    Jamie Dolan

  47. admin says:

    @Jamie, I just ckecked with firefox and the plugin works on both pages.

  48. paul says:

    Awesome plugin. Thanks!

  49. Tim says:

    I need 2 of the buttons showing on my site @ admin. =)

  50. Rob says:


    I was wondering if anyone knows of a similar plugin that acts as a “Contact Us” type feature?


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